Urgent Press Release
Fontana Bridal Salon

From: Cory Fontana, Proprietor of Fontana Couture, LLC, doing business as Fontana Bridal Salon
Re: Closing of Fontana B
ridal Salon, 45 E. Putnam Ave, Greenich, CT Date: October 9, 2015
For Immediate Release

Fontana Bridal Salon, which has provided bridal gowns for over 70 years to customers in Greenwich, Westchester and the Bronx, is regretfully no longer able to stay in business due to the severe illness of one of its principals.

The business, which was started by Anita Fontana in the Bronx in 1942, and has most recently been located at 45 E. Putnam Ave in Greenich, was operated by Anita’s grandson, Cory Fontana and his wife Nancy Fontana.

In March, Nancy Fontana suddenly went into a coma. Her doctors diagnosed her as having an unusual auto-immune virus that was unresponsive to medication. While in the coma, which lasted four months, her kidneys and liver stopped functioning and she was given last rights numerous times. While in the coma, she was totally unresponsive. She subsequently emerged from the coma but remains institutionalized and suffers from extreme neurological issues. Her liver and kidneys no longer function and she is on dialysis. She suffers from Stage Four bedsores, meaning the skin has decayed down to the bone in certain places. Her prognosis is very bleak.

During this most difficult time, not only did the business lose the key employee who primarily ran the store, but her husband, Cory Fontana, also found that he had to spend half of his time attending to his wife’s urgent medical needs. This put an incredible strain on the business to the point that Cory can no longer maintain it.

Fontana Bridal Salon recognizes how emotional it must be for its customers to learn at this time that there may be some additional issues involved with obtaining their wedding dresses.

Despite the shop’s closing, Cory Fontana is dedicated to working with each and every bridal customer who placed an order. Almost all customers who placed deposits for wedding dresses did so on credit cards. These customers can call their credit card companies and should be entitled to a full refund.

Cory will be working with the customers to connect them with the designer and manufacturer. Most manufacturers have agreed to supply the customers with the wedding gowns at the wholesale cost. This means that many of the bridal customers will actually be able to get their dresses for less than what they previously agreed to pay.

Cory is committed to helping each and every bridal customer work through whatever is necessary to ultimately get their dress. However, because Cory has been inundated with requests from customers under the circumstances of having to close the shop, he will be prioritizing his time to help those customers whose wedding dates are approaching first.

He asks all customers for patience and understanding during this difficult time for him and his family, and assures them that he will be available to work with each and every one.

Customers can contact Fontana Bridal Salon by sending an e-mail to Bridal@aol.com. Because there are a number of bridal customers, the shop asks customers to have patience in having Cory get back to them. ------------------------- ###### --------------------------